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Imaging of the sublingual microcirculation in elderly patients a pilot study

Islam Saleh Abdo1,2, Zdenek Turek2, Renata Parizkova2, Vladimir Cerny1,2
1 Department of Anesthesia, Pain Management and Perioperative Medicine, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
2 Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, University Hospital Hradec Kralove, Faculty of Medicine Hradec Kralove, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
[Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology 16: 276-282, 2012]


Demographic changes, i. e. worldwide increase in older population, require to direct research efforts to age-relevant topics. The present article focuses on microcirculation in elderly patients. Sidestream dark field  (SDF) imaging, a relatively new technology, allows direct visualization of mucosal microcirculation and imaging of surface layers of solid organs using a handheld microscopical camera probe.
Our study aimed at assessing sublingual microcirculation in elderly patients using this new SDF technology in order to identify and compare changes across different age groups. The study results suggest that even in healthy individuals microvascular flow index (MFI) and functional capillary density (FCD) change significantly during the process of aging.

Key words: microcirculation, sublingual, elderly, sidestream dark field imaging (SDF)

Correspondence address
Islam Saleh Abdo
Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove
University Hospital Hradec Kralove
Dept. of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
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