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About us


Prof. Uwe Schirmer, M.D., Ph.D., Dept. Anesthesia, Heart and Diabetes Clinic, Ruhr-University Bochum, Georgstr. 11,  D-32545 Bad Oeynhausen, Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden einer

Prof. Matthias Heringlake, M.D., Ph.D., Dept. Anesthesia, University of Lübeck, Ratzeburger Allee 160, D-23538 Lübeck, Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden einer

Prof. Friedrich Jung, Ph.D., Center for Biomaterial Development, Institute of Polymer Research, GKSS, Research Center, Kantstr. 55, D-14513 Teltow, Opens window for sending

Prof. Burkhard Lachmann, M.D., Ph.D., Dept. Anesthesia, Charite University Clinic Berlin, Chariteplatz 1, D-10117 Berlin, Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden einer

Editorial/Publishers Office

Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology, Pabst Science Publishers, Eichengrund 28, D-49525 Lengerich, Germany, Phone: ++ 49 (0) 5484-97234, Fax ++ 49 (0) 5484-550, Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden einer, Internet: Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen, Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen

Subject Editors

J. Briegel (Munich, Germany)
F. Giunta (Pisa, Italy)
Ch. Lehmann (Halifax, Canada)

A. Doesch (Heidelberg, Germany)

Cardiac Surgery
Sir M. H. Yacoub (Harefield, UK)

Inflammation and Coagulation
W. McBride (Belfast, Ireland)
A. Koster (Bad Oeynhausen, Germany)
C. von Heymann (Berlin, Germany)
W. Dietrich (Munich, Germany)

Intensive Care and Resuscitation
B. W. Böttiger (Cologne, Germany)
N. Mutz (Innsbruck, Austria)
P. J. Papadakos (Rochester, NY, USA)

O. Saugstad (Oslo, Norway)
C. P. Speer (Würzburg, Germany)

Nuclear Medicine
F. Fazio (Milan, Italy)
P. Wollmer (Malmö, Sweden)

K. Reinhard (Jena, Germany)
M. A. Weigand (Gießen, Germany)

M. Silverman (London, Great Britain)
H. Stopfkuchen (Mainz, Germany)

R. G. Spragg (San Diego, CA, USA)
N. F. Voelkel (Denver, CO, USA)
Th. Welte (Hannover)

H. Redl (Vienna, Austria)
R. M. Strieter (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

Extracorporeal Support
R. Bambauer (Homburg, Germany)
A. El-Banayosy (Hershey, PA, USA)

Subscription prices, per volume (= 4 issues): Institutions Euro 60.00 including postage and handling. Individuals (no institutions, libraries, etc.) may subscribe at the reduced rate of Euro 30.00 per volume. They must declare that the subscription is for their own private use, it will not replace any institutional subscription and it will not be put at the disposal of any library. Subscription should be sent to Pabst Science Publishers, Eichengrund 28, D-49525 Lengerich, Germany or any subscription agent. Changes of mailing address should be notified together with our latest label.

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