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ACP 1-2006


Skeleton agreement between DGAI and Quant
U. Schirmer

Supplementation of the extended data set for cardiac anaesthesia
J.-U. Lüth

Postoperative patient visit and questionnaire as a tool in quality assurance
J.-H. Schiff, L. J. Eberhart, A. Möllemann, G. Hüppe, G. Pützhofen

USA: Departments of Anesthesiology and Cardiac Anesthesia Divisions in different health systems
I. Hollinger

Anesthesia Departments in International Health Systems: Switzerland
B. Eberle, H.-U. Rieder

TEE simulator - an introduction
M. Weidenbach

TEE for mitral valve repair
J. Ender, E. Krohmer, J. Fassl

Intraoperative echocardiography for aortic valve repair surgery
J. M. Erb

TOE support for a percutaneous transluminal implantation of a self-expanding valve prothesis for interventional treatment of aortic valve stenosis
B. Sauren, B. Zickmann, U. Gerckens, E. Grube, T. Felderhoff, S. Iversen

Transesophageal echocardiographic monitoring during transapical aortic valve implantation
J. Fassl, T. Walther, U. Birnbaum, F. W. Mohr, J. Ender

Ethics and money in anaesthesia and intensive care
J. Radke, L. Steudle, J. Soukup

The role of sound scientific data for evidence-based decision making
M. K. Diener

News from the clinic

Fast Track in New York
I. Hollinger

Risk of recent coronary artery stenting before noncardiac surgery: On the edge between stent thrombosis and surgical bleeding
H. Metzler, M. N. Vicenzi, A. Münch, E. Mahla

Rapid communications

Fast Track Protocol in coronary artery bypass patients – A safe and effective tool to save ICU-capacity
N. Anwar, U. Birnbaum, J. Fassl, J. Ender

Training simulator for extracorporeal circulation
A. Dietz, G. Haimerl, F. Moreau, B. Straub, C. Benk

Factor XII deficiency and cardiovascular surgery
J. Grefer, A. Erasmi, M. Heringlake

Intraoperative TEE monitoring during partial resection of a tumour metastasis with infiltration of right atrium and ventricle
M. Hansen, A. Blehm, G. Wagner, G. Klein

Influence of perioperative administration of N-acetylcystein on postoperative renal dysfunction in cardiosurgical patients suffering from compensated renal insufficiency
M. Hawlicki, M. Torka, W. Karzai

The effects of adrenaline and milrinone on creatinine clearance and plasma levels of cystatin-C in patients with myocardial dysfunction after coronary artery bypass grafting
H. Heinze, J. Grünefeld, M. Wernerus, J. Schön, M. Bechtel, M. Misfeld, M. Heringlake

An algorithm for management of perioperative hemostasis disorders in cardiac surgery
C. Jámbor, D. Bremerich, A. Moritz, E. Seifried, B. Zwißler

Aprotinin in coronary surgery – A retrospective application observation
M. Kluth, J.-U. Lüth, M. Lanzenstiel, K. Inoue

Minimally invasive heart rate volume measurement via VigileoTM Flow Trac Monitor versus bolus thermodilution in cardiac surgery patients
C. Kufner, A. Zimmermann, S. Hofbauer, R. Schistek, J. Steinwendner, W. Hitzl, S. Hargasser, G. Pauser

Adrenaline but not milrinone induces hyperlactatemia and tissue dysoxia in patients with myocardial dysfunction after coronary artery bypass grafting
J. Schön, M. Wernerus, J. Grünefeld, H. Heinze, M. Bechtel, T. Hanke, M. Heringlake

Intraoperative TEE monitoring using 3-dimensional representation of mitral valve prosthesis (SJM): Better and real-time assessment of function, dysfunction and assistance in intraoperative „surgical decision-making“
A. Ziegler, C. Keyl, S. Laule, L. Günkel

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