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ACP 1-2007


Inhaled nitric oxide versus partial liquid ventilation in surfactant depleted pigs
S. Wolf, T. Busch, M. Deja, H. Lohbrunner, S. Weber-Carstens, C. Sun, U. Kaisers

Lung temperature during cardiopulmonary bypass and the effect of hypothermic ventilation
J. F. M. Bechtel, W. Eichler, H.-H. Sievers, C. Bartels

Thoracic epidural anaesthesia as part of a fasttrack-concept for cardiac surgery
C. D. Kratz, U. Schirmer, S. Weiss, H. Wulf, L. Eberhart, S. Vogt, G. Geldner

The inflated balloon - a possible cause of microvascular obstructions
F. Jung, J.-W. Park, R. P. Franke

Fibrin pathways for precursor cell immigration from bone marrow into the osteotomy gap
K. Wolf, J. Hamar, S. Moravec, T. Farkas, E. Höcherl, C. Pfister

Morphometric analyses of the kinetics of vascular and neural ingrowth into the interfragmental gap following osteotomy
K. Wolf, J. Hamar, E. Höcherl, T. Farkas, C. Pfister

Laser-doppler-flowmetry and absorption-tissue-spectrometry of the transposed groin flap - A comprehensive and independent analysis of  microcirculation
K. Wolf, E. Höcherl, T. Derfuß, A. Krug

Bronchoprovocation or reversibility in asthma patients with normal pulmonary function tests
M. Erelel

Induction of a reproducible, hypoxemic and hemodynamically compromised but stable early Acute Lung Injury (ALI) model with oleic acid in pigs - tips and pitfalls
T. Iber, J. P. Roesner, C. Mutz, G. F. E. Nöldge-Schomburg, D. A. Vagts

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