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ACP 2-2007


Mediators of inflammation at cardiac surgery
W. T. McBride

Why are corticosteroids still considered controversial in the setting of cardiopulmonary bypass?
E. Kilger, F. Weis, J. Briegel

The anti-inflammatory and organ-protective effects of pentoxifylline during cardiac surgery
M. Heringlake, G. Heinrichs, C. F. Weber, C. Rosemann, L. Bahlmann, W. Eichler, M. Misfeld, H. Heinze

PDE-III inhibitors
J. Boldt

Managing the inflammatory response following cardiac surgery – Levosimendan
M. Kastrup

The beneficial role of open lung ventilation in cardiac surgery patients
D. Reis Miranda, D. Gommers

Volatile anesthetics and cardiac surgery
H. T. Lee

Cardiac and systemic inflammatory response during open-heart surgery with or without cardiopulmonary bypass
M.-S. Suleiman, R. Ascione, A. Chase, R. Harrington, G. D. Angelini

Leukocyte depletion during cardiopulmonary bypass in adult cardiac surgery
J. F. M. Bechtel, S. Mühlenbein, H.-H. Sievers, M. Misfeld

Putting a leash on inflammatory response? Modified ultrafiltration and high-volume haemofiltration after cardiopulmonary bypass
O. Boehm, P. Feindt, D. Kindgen-Milles

Rapid communications

Effect of hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass on intraperitoneal lactate, pyruvate and glycerol in patients undergoing CABG – Measurement using microdialysis
R. K. P. Adluri, A. V. Singh, M. Baker, J. Skoyles, I. M. Mitchell

Influence of different autotransfusion devices on the quality of salvaged blood
J. Babin-Ebell, M. Misoph, A. Schwarzkopf, W. Reents

Carbon monoxide reduces pulmonary inflammation and apoptosis during cardiopulmonary bypass in pigs
U. Goebel, M. Siepe, A. Mecklenburg, C. Schlensak, K. Geiger, T. Loop

Hypercoagulation during cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass detected with thromboelastography
R. Hajek, P. Nemec, V. Bruk, I. Fluger, J. Jarkovsky, D. Nemethova

Levosimendan attenuates inflammatory response in critical cardiac surgical patients
N. Hübner, W. Rees, J. Pöling, V. Ziaukas, F. Ritter, U. Christmann, H. Warnecke

Do centrifugal pump, heparin coated system and leucodepletion during elective coronary surgery really influence the overall clinical outcome in the elderly patients? (Preliminary results)
V. Lonsky, J. Mandak, V. Brzek, J. Kubicek, R. Valek, M. Volt, P. Kunes

Off-pump coronary surgery using a pulsatile catheter pump (PulseCath®) for left ventricular dysfunction
M. A. Mariani, M. Gianoli, A. Gille, J. G. Grandjean, M. Kuiper

In vivo elimination of sevoflurane by different membrane oxygenators during miniaturized extracorporeal circulation (MECC)
C. Prasser, M. Zelenka, M. Gruber, A. Philipp, A. Keyser, C. Wiesenack 

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