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ACP 3-2007


Intraoperative monitoring

Hemodynamic monitoring in patients undergoing cardiac surgery
M. Heringlake

Advanced hemodynamic monitoring in cardiac surgery: Esophageal doppler, transcardiopulmonary thermodilution, and pulse contour analysis
D. A. Reuter

Neuromonitoring in cardiac anaesthesia
I. Tzanova
Neuromonitoring during cardiac surgery – Results of a questionnaire in German departments of cardiac anaesthesia
G. Erdös, N. Mungard, H. V. Groesdonk, J. Ender

Transesophageal echocardiography

Three dimensional assessment of the mitral valve
A. Ziegler

Real time (RT) 3D-TOE in perioperative cardiac surgery
J. Koncar-Zeh, C. Mukherjee, J. Ender

TEE guided sizing of the annuloplasty ring during mitral valve repair
J. Ender, J. Koncar-Zeh, C. Mukherjee, S. Jacobs, M. Borger, C. Viola, M. Gessat, F. W. Mohr, V. Falk

Echocardiographic measurements of cardiac output
J. M. Erb

Rapid communications

Right ventricular function: On-pump versus off-pump coronary artery bypass graft surgery
I. Michaux

Perioperative coagulation

Coagulation monitoring with ROTEM and Multiplate during cardiac surgery
C. Jambor

Administration of fibrinogen – A reasonable step?
D. Fries

New anticoagulants in cardiovascular anaesthesia
A. Koster

Rapid communications

Normothermia versus hypothermia during cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass – The brain
S. Himmelseher

Low caseload does not translate into inferior patient outcome
Setup of a new cardioanaesthesia department at the Behandlungszentrum Vogtareuth
R. Busley, M. Oberhoffer, M. Burgau, A. Lück, N. Oppitz, St. v. Sommoggy, H. Mair, A. Schütz

Neuromonitoring during aortic arch repair withselective antegrade cerebral perfusion
A. Carl, G. Keller, P. Schulz, P. Urbanski, M. Dinkel

Applied simulation in cardiothoracic anaesthesia and perfusion
A. Dietz, Ch. Benk, F. Born, K. Hug, S. Lützow, G. Haimer

Thrombelastometry and impedance aggregometry based algorithm for coagulation management in cardiac surgery  
K. Görlinger, C. Jambor, A. Hanke, M. Adamzik, M. Hartmann, N. Rahe-Meyer

HIT (me) or not? Peracute intracardiac thrombosis after heparin application during ECMO
M. Grossherr, B. Sedemund-Adib, M. Misfeld, M. Bechtel, J. Babin-Ebell, H. Heinze, M. Heringlake

TOE-monitoring during minimal invasive heart valve surgery
M. Hansen, G. Wagner, U. Franke, G. Klein

Cerebral oxygenation monitoring in patients undergoing deep hypothermic circulatory arrest for cardiothoracic surgery
M. Heringlake, V. Serien, H. Heinze, T. Hanke, J. Schön, L. Dübener

Increased perfusion pressure induced with phenylephrine impairs microcirculatory parameters during extracorporeal circulation
H. Knotzer, W. Hasibeder, C. Hengl, B. Schwarz, P. Mair, S. Maier

Cardiopulmonary bypass failure during video-assisted minimally invasive mitral valve surgery
A. Krug, N. Siregar, P. Asmussen, P. H. Tonner

Differences between surviving and non-surviving patients treated with levosimendan undergoing cardiac surgery for acute myocardial ischemia
A. Lehmann, A. H. Kiessling, F. Isgro, J. Lang, J. Boldt

Levosimendan in patients with acute myocardial ischaemia undergoing emergent surgical revascularization
A. Lehmann, A. H. Kiessling, F. Isgro, J. Lang, J. Boldt

Fatal hepatic failure after aortic valve replacement and sevoflurane exposure
A. Lehmann, M. Neher, A. H. Kiessling, F. Isgro, A. Koloska, J. Boldt

Development of a minimized ECC system With regard to clinical aspects
C. Lipps, F. Born, T. Dreizler, O. Schmid, C. Starck, M. Behrens

Development of a method to assess the efficacy of fibrinogen concentrate (Haemocomplettan®) for treatment of excessive bleeding in aortic valve and ascending aortic operation
N. Rahe-Meyer, M. Pichlmaier, C. Solomon, C. Gras, S. Piepenbrock, M. Winterhalter

Treatment of intra-operative bleeding in thoracoabdominal aortic surgery with fibrinogen concentrate
N. Rahe-Meyer, C. Solomon, M. Winterhalter, C. Gras, S. Piepenbrock, M. Pichlmaier

Perioperative evaluation and modification of cardiac risk in patients with cardiovascular disease undergoing noncardiac surgery – Current practice in Bavaria
C. Siebel, M. Matin, G. Batz, M. Kirmse, M. Dinkel

Intraoperative use of inhaled vasodilators for weaning from cardiopulmonary bypass during implantation of a left ventricular assist device
M. Winterhalter, C. Kühn, N. Rahe-Meyer, C. Gras, A. Meyer, M. Bund, S. Piepenbrock, M. Strüber

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