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ACP Vol. 18, Supplement I - 2014


29th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiologists (EACTA) and 14th International Congress on Cardiovascular Anesthesia (ICCVA)
Florence, Italy
September 17th 19th, 2014

Edited by
Bodil Steen Rasmussen (Denmark)
John Manners (United Kingdom)

EACTA 2014 Abstract Committee:
Gianluca Paternoster (Italy)
Massimiliano Conte (Italy)
Sabino Scolletta (Italy)
Alain Vuylsteke (UK)
David Charles Smith (UK)
Jouko Jalonen (Finland)
Romuald Lango (Poland)
Vladimir Lomivorotov (Russia)
Wulf Dietrich (Germany)
Bodil Steen Rasmussen (Denmark), Chairman

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Open Oral Sessions

Oral Session Echocardiography
Oral Session Kidney
Oral Session Thoracic Surgery
Oral Session Myocardial Ischemia
Oral Session Pediatric
Oral Session Organ Dysfunction
Oral Session Thoracic Anaesthesia
Oral Session Electrophysiology
Oral Session Vascular
Oral Session Best Orals
Oral Session Lung
Oral Session Renal
Oral Session Haemostasis
Oral Session Fluids
Oral Session Aorta
Oral Session Cardiac Anaesthesia
Oral Session Haemodynamics
Oral Session Transplant
Oral Session Safety
Oral Session Cerebral Oximetry
Oral Session Haemodynamics

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Free poster sessions

Poster Session Best Posters
Poster Session Cardiac Anaesthesia: Risk Factors & Outcome
Poster Session Mitral Valve and Vascular
Poster Session Intensive Care
Poster Session Haemostasis
Poster Session Cardiac Anaesthesia & Cerebral Monitoring
Poster Session Cardiac Anaesthesia & Aortic Valve
Poster Session Monitoring
Poster Session Myocardial Protection
Poster Session Thoracic Anaesthesia
Poster Session Quality Management
Poster Session Thoracic Anaesthesia: Ventilation
Poster Session Cardiac Anaesthesia
Poster Session Echocardiography

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